Coronavirus lockdown Liverpool’s Alisson hurls ball through own roof celebrates like Ronaldo

Phil Foden’s still on the bench! The Exploding Heads pit the Premier League’s youngsters against the veterans.

With almost all football postponed indefinitely because of the coronavirus pandemic, star players have found themselves at a loose end.

With many training grounds off limits, clubs have sent footballers home, where they’re adhering to a quarantine period for the next few weeks. How are they passing the time?

ESPN will be keeping a daily eye on what the world’s best are getting up to, as well as how clubs are keeping busy by battling in online competitions against each other.


Alisson Becker has a reputation for near impeccable distribution and the Liverpool goalkeeper proved that he’s not letting his arm slip despite the lockdown.

Stationed in his back garden, the Brazilian shot-stopper challenged himself to hurl a ball from the lawn all the way up and into a skylight in the roof.

Impressive precision and power, though we hope there wasn’t a crystal vase sat on that window ledge.

Football Manager

In these football-deprived times, many fans are taking to while away the countless hours of isolation by putting in some time on Football Manager (or, for those who are already regular players, even more time).

The manager of minnows Barrow AFC was one of many players pleasantly shocked to find the non-league club’s board were preparing to pour a mammoth £500 million windfall into his transfer kitty.

However, dreams of marquee mega-signings soon disappeared in a puff of smoke as he realised he’d make the mistake of loading up the game on April Fool’s Day.

Cruel, so cruel — and yet rather brilliant too!

Gareth Bale

Unable to make it out onto the course, Bale is instead having to satisfy his golf cravings at home where he’s taken to melding his beloved favourite sport with the one he happens to play for a living.

Jose Mourinho

Mourinho checked in with his Tottenham squad by barking orders as he took charge of a virtual training session over his video conferencing software.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg

The strain of having to go without the matchday atmosphere of St Mary’s has obviously begun to take its toll on Southampton defender Hojbjerg.

Memphis Depay

The Lyon winger welcomed an adorable new pet into his house to provide some cuddly companionship during the isolation period.

Karim Benzema

After nipping a mini-feud with Olivier Giroud in the bud, Benzema instead shared a window into his ridiculous life of footballing elephants, designer clothes and wildly expensive supercars.

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